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School Is Out, Summer Is In!


As the school year comes to a close, students are making plans to spend their summers in a variety of ways. While some prepare for their futures by visiting colleges, preparing for SATs, or taking summer enrichment classes, others spend their time relaxing or practicing sports.

Moreover, many students choose to participate in a variety of these activities and more.

Incoming freshmen will likely use this time to mentally prepare for high school. Mr. Kazel, the Freshman and Sophomore Guidance Couselor, says, “The summer before freshman year is a blend of excitement, anticipation, as well as a splash of anxiety.”

Several sophomores said they will be spending their summers relaxing and being with their friends.

Jacqueline Schmidt (`13) says, “I look forward to just hanging out by the pool! I am also very excited about going to Europe with People to People for a leadership program.”

Similarly, Alexis Anton (`13) says, “I can’t wait to have a summer filled with running, swimming, and hopefully perfecting my tan!”

Elise Mascia (`13) says, “I am so excited to get ready for the upcoming volleyball season and to just hang out with friends. I think this will be a very fun and exciting summer.”

While many sophomores said they are beginning to pursue summer opportunities, many are committing themselves to simply enjoying their summer and preparing for the next school year. Many incoming juniors are using this time to take classes to prepare themselves for college, or beginning to visit colleges. They are beginning to find jobs, but still have time to relax before the stressful junior year. Maggie Schmidt (`12) says, “This summer I am working as a hostess in a restaurant, and I am going to travel to Europe for two and a half weeks which I am very excited for. I also want to relax and take it easy before next summer when I will probably be going on many college visits.”

Nate Klein (`12) says, “This summer I’ll be working during the day and hanging out with friends at night.”

Carolyn Curran (`12) says, “I am going to be going on a Catholic retreat, tutoring at St. Adalberts, working at Mayfield country club, going to Hilton Head and probably a lot of volleyball stuff for school. Oh and I have a dance recital.”

Finally, the incoming seniors are tending to spend their time working or going on college visits. It is considered the most crucial or most busy summer because it is filled with preparing for their last year of high school and also getting ready for college.

Ali Althans (`11) says, “This summer I plan to volunteer at the Cleveland Clinic and to work at my country club. I also hope to work on my tennis game.”

Kaitlyn Ambrose (`11) says, “This summer I am hoping to work, visit colleges, and try to get my ACT scores up.”

Everyone is excited for summer!