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Rising Students Anticipate the New School Year


As rising juniors, the current sophomores are excited about moving up in the Upper School. Aside from changing seats in Convocation, the new juniors (Class of 2012) can anticipate being upperclassmen, looking at potential college choices and taking tests like the SAT and ACT. Some will even enjoy having lockers in the Student Center. So what is most important to the new juniors right now?

Carolyn Curran (`12) says, “It seems like the past two years have gone by so quickly, so it feels out of place to be a junior. I have been trying to put the thought off as much as possible because I know next year, I’ll have to think about it constantly.”



Maggie Schmidt (`12) says, “I really don’t feel that much different. It’s not that big of a change except I’m sure the workload is going to get much larger. That is really the only thing I’m worried about. I don’t mind the raised expectations. We’re getting older so I expect to have higher expectations and responsibility next year. I’m pretty nervous about the amount of work that we will have to do. I heard from people that junior year is the hardest year. Also, it is the most important year to get good grades because it is mainly what colleges look at.”





Andrew Link (`12) says, “It feels good that people will look up to me. Being able to go into the Student Center will be really cool. I’m looking forward to the expectations. My four highest hopes for the year are to meet even more friends, strengthen old friendships, get good grades, and win states in my sports. My concern that I have for the year is the college process.”


The freshmen must feel relieved because school is almost over and then after this, they will no longer be freshmen. At first, freshman were just trying to get the hang of things, but as the school year is coming to an end, they feel relieved and are excited for sophomore year. Whether or not people went to the Middle School or they came from a different school last year, there is an enormous difference between high school and grade school. The freshmen, also known as rising sophomores, must feel very excited but stressed out at the same time because they have final exams, the OP, and last but not least, the I-Search papers.

Molly Fagan (`13) says, “The most stressful thing about finishing freshman year is all of it – studying for my Spanish OPI, math, and science finals, and the History and English I-Search project. To be a student here means to be a member of the Gilmour community: to be part of a loving group of people. My expectations are to be able to be familiar with the school and have another strong year. My hopes are to have another wonderful year at the Academy.”



Isabella Arcadi (`13) says, “Being a Gilmour student means becoming a better overall person. My expectation for sophomore year is mainly to be being treated with more respect. My hopes for sophomore year are having new experiences, good grades, good teachers, and new friends.”




Joe Regalbuto (`13) says, “The most stressful thing about finishing my freshman year was having to write a good I-Search paper while staying focused. I’m part of the Gilmour community, and I’m happy to be here. I don’t have many expectations for my sophomore year except to get good grades.”