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Quiet Crowds.

Fans do the “roller coaster” during a basketball game. Photo courtesy of Neal Busch.

Looking at the pictures on GA-net of the hockey District final at Kent this year, I wonder, “Why weren’t all games like this one?” The arena was packed, the students were rowdy and the game was a lot of fun. There must have been 300 students from Gilmour at that game, and yeah, we were playing U.S., but why don’t the students here go out in droves to all Gilmour games?

Sporting events at Gilmour have always seemed to be on the back burner in the minds of the student body. If we are playing U.S. or Hawken; or if we are in the playoffs, the student body usually shows up in strong numbers. But if it is just another game on a Saturday versus a school nobody has heard of, forget it. The school might as well open the student section up to parents. Weekday games also draw limited amounts of fans, but there are valid reasons for not going because of the massive amounts of schoolwork your average Gilmour student receives. It may be hard to find time for a sporting event. But on the weekends, when you and your friends are sitting in your car in the parking lot trying to find somewhere to go, why not take in a game? They are always a good time and are usually over at a time when you still can go out and have more fun afterwards.

I go to a lot of sports games. I’ve started fan clubs for both the soccer and basketball teams, and I’ve been told that the games have become more fun and exciting since my friends and I have been involved in trying to get people to come to the games. For instance, during the soccer season, only about 10 people showed up to the first few games and by the end of the season, there was a solid fan base of 40 to 50 people who showed up for most games. So maybe there is hope for student involvement in sports. Rising senior Matt Pestotnik (`11) says, “I really hope the fans continue to come out for soccer games and all other sporting events. It makes the game more enjoyable, and it helps our morale as a team.”

As my senior year rolls around in about three months, I hope that people decide to show up to games. The football team is already talking
about playing a Friday night game at Hawken and how much fun it’s going to be when all the students show up. The soccer team also looks forward to having another year of full stands for their games. Take the summer off, enjoy it with your friends, come back in the fall ready to chirp, cheer on your team, and fulfill the expectations of the players to have a season full of packed stands.