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Juniors Prepare for Final Year

Ryan Tobbe (`11), Andrea Massaad (`11), and former GA student Jacqueline Meyncke (`11) are clearly excited to be seniors.

Class of 2011, here we are. This is what most of us have been waiting for since freshman year. We are swiftly approaching the end of high school, and it’s just slightly mind-blowing to say the very least. I know that we still have an entire year left at the Academy, but I have heard “It goes by so fast!” probably a million times in the last two months, and it’s getting a little old.

Despite that fact, because of the recent departure of the seniors and with summer right around the corner, I am beginning to believe that the rest of our time at the Academy will actually go by quickly. However, we still have a ton of work to get done before we can walk across the stage in those lovely gowns and read up on our Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes for our yearbook pages.

For anyone that may or may not be aware of this devastatingly true yet oddly exhilarating fact, the college process has unofficially begun and the stress that we watched the Class of 2010 endure is finally starting to hightail its way over into our general vicinity. Kudos to all of you who have started looking at colleges early on, because you have quite the leap on those who just realized that it’s June of junior year.

I’m going to be completely straightforward: school feels so heavy right now. All of those projects and quizzes are more than overwhelming for most of us. Don’t even get me started on the mother of all inconveniences that has been running my life since January: the SAT/ACT. That dynamic duo is just cruel and has done enough damage to my nonexistent sleeping pattern to ruin my health for sure.

Even though we have much to do before we can throw in the towel and say farewell to the institution that has played a large role in our lives for the last four years, I seriously have faith in us. We are a determined class, not to mention we are definitely different from the previous senior classes for a plethora of good reasons. Despite any stereotyping and preconceived notions that may be out there, let’s try to make our senior year the best it possibly can be.

Moral of the story: don’t freak out, you have time to complete the to-do list that entails a million plus tasks, but while you are busy figuring out where you are going, try to enjoy where you are now. As cliché as this sounds, it’s true. Live it up. Do your work. But don’t forget where you are now. According to past seniors, those are some very wise words; take them to heart and don’t let things pass you by because before you know it, we’ll all be taking that jump from adolescence into adulthood. We’ll be submerged in the real world.

Sean Curtin (`11), Greg Calabrese (`11),
Katie Bloom (`11), Matt Oliver (`11), Kiera
Finelli (`11), Jack Dolan (`11), Ryan Tobbe
(`11), and Claire Wagner (`11) gather to-
gether on Kairos 22 in February.