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Women’s Lacrosse Plays to Win


The young Lady Lancers are heading into the 2010 season looking for playoff glory. New coaches Mr. Dan Dicillo (`88), son of former math teacher Ms. Bonnie Dicillo, and Mr. Jamie Kazel will be leading the team into the season.

“New coaches means a new year, therefore a new approach to the explosive devolvement of women’s lacrosse,” says Mr. Kazel. “We started off with 18 girls at our first practice. Right now we have 35 girls and we have enough for a varsity and a JV team.”

Mr. Kazel adds, “Women’s Lacrosse is a different game than Men’s Lacrosse, which I coached for ten years. I am learning as well. It will be a team wide effort to tackle all the challenges. We have a uniqueness that most teams do not, which will be beneficial against other teams, offensively and defensively.”

There are many differences between the men’s game and the women’s game, the most common difference being that there is less contact in the women’s. Women’s lacrosse is also closer to the original values of lacrosse that the Native American’s played. Brooke-Marie Jarvis (`10) notes that Hannah Burke (`10), Maddie Defino (`10) and Tarraneh Dadgar (`10) lead the team along with Maureen Kenney (`10) and Alyssa Trebilcock (`10). Jenn Furlong (`13) adds, “The seniors are really supportive of the new players, and they give us positive feedback.” The team also looks for help from Kathleen O’Brien (`11), Andrea Massaad (`11) and Camille Dottore (`12).

Dottore (`12), says, “We have great veteran leadership and solid underclassmen. Everyone has one goal of making this season one to remember.”

This year’s team motto is “Check this…!” The team says this after each team huddle, and it unifies them.