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The Man Behind the Scenes

John Mohorcic (`11) fiercly plays in a pre- season scrimmage preparing for the regular season. Photo courtesy of Mr. Neal Busch.

John Mohorcic (`11) started his Gilmour journey three years ago
as a freshman. He quickly adapted to the Gilmour society involving him-
self in many different activities around campus. Mohorcic (`11) is involved in sports, National Honor Society, Honor Council, Broadcasting Club, Jazz Band and Peer Tutoring. Even though Mohorcic (`11) is involved in so many activities at Gilmour, he still finds time to keep his grades up and attend other sporting events at school.

With all the activities, Mohorcic (`11) is involved in, stress is a major factor in his life. However, over the past three years he has almost been able to perfect his time management skills. “Almost all year, I’m involved in sports and other clubs so I tend to get stressed easily. I just stay focused. I don’t procrastinate so that I can get all my work done.”

Every different club at the Academy has something to offer. Mohorcic (`11) is involved in a wide variety of activities, so he is very aware of the Academy’s depth. “I do not have a favorite Gilmour activity because they all have something different to offer. However with the baseball season underway, I am very excited to be out on the field.”

Mohorcic (`11) can be seen on the playing field or filming other athletic events. He has filmed basketball and hockey games to post on the Gilmour website for people who were unable to attend the game.

Erik May (`10) says, “The basketball team benefits from John filming our games because we get to see the things we have done well and others we need to improve on.”

After three strong years so far, Mohorcic (`11) has a bright future ahead of him. He plans on continuing many of the skills he has acquired dur-ing high school for the rest of his life.