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Artists Showcase Talent In classes


Gilmour is a school that encourages students to reach their potential and for a few, this means drawing, painting, designing, and creating. Morgan Shepard (`10), Emma Ford (`13) and Alyssa Trebilcock (`10) are all GA artists.

Shepard (`10) became involved in art when she was very young. Her aunt and cousins often included her in their art projects when they were together. When she arrived at the Upper School, she took four art classes. Currently, she takes fashion design. Through this class, she discovered her “passion for fashion.”

Shepard (`10) would like to study law, but she also wants to be able to work with fashion. “I don’t plan on becoming the next Marc Jacobs, but I really do love fashion and hope to make enough money as a lawyer to have my own boutique or line on the side as a hobby,” she says.

Emma Ford (`13) has always loved art. She enjoys all different styles because of their uniqueness. She likes to use simple black pens when she draws because they are easily available whenever she has an idea. “Whenever I get an idea I can put it down, even if it’s just on my hand,” she says. Ford (`13) likes everything she has created, but her favorite piece is her bedroom walls. It is a mural of her name in yellow and black surrounded by designs. She says, “It was completely random and just popped up in my head, and it came out pretty cool.”

When Alyssa Trebilcock (`10) was a freshman, she took Photo 1 and Art 1 like a lot of people do and became interested. When she was a junior, she discovered that it was possibly something she would like to pursue in college. Trebilcock (`10) believes that drawing is the base for many various types of art, and says, “If you can do that really well, you can do almost anything really well.”

Trebilcock (`10) believes that you are never really done working on a piece, but you feel it is complete when you are happy with what you made. She takes pride in everything she has made so she does not have a favorite. One experience she remembers though (and is very fond of) is when she had the opportunity to work with metal when creating jewelry in Art II. It posed new challenges and allowed her to make her ideas realities.

For people interested in art like some of these young artists, there are many courses available. For those interested in drawing and painting, Art I and II, Studio Art I and II, Art Explorations and AP Art are classes to consider. If interested in taking pictures, check out the “Picture This…” article in the bottom center of this page. One can also take Photo I, Photo II, Digital Photo, Advanced Digital Photo, and AP photo to feed their interest. Like Trebilcock (`10), those interested in fashion can take Fashion I, II, or III. There is also Architecture I and II for people who are interested in other arts.