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Uniform Expression

Students gather in the Student Center to show their individual style while still in uniform.

The strictly enforced dress code set in place every day may make some students feel that they have no visible way of expressing themselves to the school. But after reviewing the hand book, it seems the students may have a little bit more lee-way than previously believed.

Girls probably will never get away with an elaborately decorated private school uniform like those seen worn by the characters of Gossip Girl, but there are at least traces of personal expression within the halls of Gilmour. Several of the most fashionable students at Gilmour share tips to help students have a more rewarding and enjoyable uniform experience.

Girls are able to express themselves with different hairstyles. Brooke Marie Jarvis (`10) says, “I like to wear hair accessories. I also enjoy wearing fashionable tights.” Though Sheer stocking and stockings with decorative textures are not allowed, the hand book clearly states, “Ribbed tights or opaque stockings may be worn.” Leigh Richards (`10), the senior class superlative best dressed winner, says, “I just try to find small things to make the uniform somewhat stylish. I like patterned tights, and I switch up my shoes once in a while.” Andrew Duval (`10) says, “Leigh has a sense of style that is so above my own.” And Richards (`10) is not the only student jumping on this trend. Over the past few years, acceptable tights have become increasingly more popular. Hannah Burke (`10) says, “Tights are a really easy, yet significant way to show style and personality.”

Anne Venzor (`10) gives wise advice to students saying, “Change the button on your skirt to a cool colored one. It really adds something. You can
also take the shoulder pads out of your blazer, to take away the manly effect.”

Sarah Siedlak (`10) says, “I love dressing up the uniform with bright colored nail polish. It makes me feel happy, and you can also wear cute headbands.” Breanna Bell (`10) agrees with Siedlak (`10) saying, “I am completely obsessed with headbands. American Apparel is where it’s at for me. I am a loud person and wearing obnoxiously bright and significant pieces helps me express who I am as an individual.”

Boys can express themselves through their ties. Drew Rapp (`10) says, “Ties are the best part of the uniform because you are able to let your personality show through. I like bright colored ties, because they make it more fun and interesting than just the plain old button-down shirt.”

Alex Keene (`10) however does not choose to express himself through his ties, he enjoys wearing the same one every day. Keene (`10) lets his personality show at school with simple classic pieces. “I love my watch. I wear it every day.” It is safe to say no uniform is exactly the same.