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Christmas Away From Home

The Dorms at Gilmour Academy

The dorm students often miss out on the luxuries of living at home. However, one of the luxuries they do have is the Dorm Christmas Party, put on by the Women’s Club. This event took place
on Thursday, December 10th, 2009.

The evening began with a formal dinner in the newly decorated commons. The dormers were served appetizers, steak, lobster, and cheesecake. “I don’t usually eat lobster, but it’s the nicest meal we get all year so I ate it anyways,” says Greg Pittman (`10).

After dinner the dormers went to the Tudor House to have a gift exchange. Each dormer received a playing card which determined the order they picked their presents, starting
with the ace of clubs.

The rules were simple: when the dormer’s card is called, there are two options: to either pick a wrapped present from under the tree, or steal from someone who had previously opened a gift. However, when a gift is stolen for the second time, stealing that gift is not allowed anymore.

Matt Panzo (`11) and Andrew Duval (`09) were the main victims of thievery, both were robbed a total of 4 times. Panzo and Duval both showed their kind-halfheartedness when they refused to follow the pack and continue stealing. Stealing was also popular cross-gender. The room erupted with “boo’s” when Trevor Landgraf (`10) stole a sweatshirt from Julie Park (`13).

The stealing continued until nine o’clock at night, when the last card was called. Mr. Vince Bonacci, the Dorm Director, bribed Matt Lindley (`12) to end the night by opening a new present from under the tree with a $30 gift card to Subway.

Typically, college hoodies are the most popular gifts. This year, the hot item was an Alaska Nanooks hoodie. Buster Hebda (`10) won the battle for the hoodie.

The dormers are thankful every year for the Dorm Christmas Party. “This is my second Christmas party, and it’s always a fun time,” says Will Betts (`11). “It was nice to get away from the white walls of the dorms and change up our daily routines.”