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Although donuts may be a break-fast favorite, they are not the smartest choice especially during the holidays

The time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is by far the hardest time frame to stick to a healthy diet. The mouth-watering apple pie and bowl of Christmas pudding are top favorites. Until I remind you that each slice of apple pie contains 500 calories and that innocent bowl of Christmas pudding, yeah, that’s a little over 400 per serving. Still sounds good? But wait, there’s more. These treats not only add over 900 calories to your healthy diet, they also result in unstable insulin levels and obviously, weight gain. Add on a slice of turkey (450 calories), one cup of stuffing (400 calories), one cup of mashed potatoes (350 calories), and two rolls with butter(300). Wow! A whopping 2400 calorie meal – in one sitting!

Mrs. Cynthia Smith, Fitness Center Coordinator Instructor in Health & Physical Education, says, “It is important that we do not deprive ourselves of the holiday treats. The key is portion control. A portion of pasta or meat should be equivalent to your fist.” But who eats that way? Not only is portion control essential, so is exercise consistency and strength training.

If 3500 calories equal one pound, how do you plan to burn off the calories? Well, you can both allow the excess calories to turn into fat or explore the gym and find a workout program that fits you. “Exploring new activities is a fun way to work off the excess pounds. Find a pool, dance class, recreation center, or aerobics class. Even build a snowman,” says Smith.

So for the next few weeks, keep in mind these crucial tips: 1. Eat a healthy breakfast, preferably a whole grain food and a protein (cheese, egg, etc.). 2. Stay consistent with your work out. 3. Portion control. If you follow all of these tips, I promise you’ll look amazing come June! Oh, wait…there’s still Easter!