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Unsung Heroes


Anyone who walks down the guidance office hallway has seen the dozens of students pouring out of Mrs. Brubaker’s office. A few of her activities include: Junior Class Leader, Director of Counseling and SADD Moderator.

She originally came to Gilmour to work as an English and Creative Writing Teacher. She continues her love of reading and writing by reviewing hundreds of student papers each year. She helps students get organized and she helps students get back on the right track. She also facilitates the advisory program, she helps to bring speakers in, and she does a little bit of college counseling.

One of the many people be-
hind the scenes is Mr. Yusef Gilmore. He stands outside every morning and afternoon, rain or shine, helping with the busy traffic of construction and student drivers, assisting parents with their children and helping students and pedestrians get to school on time.

Mr. Gilmore also has gone the extra mile and has memorized almost all of the students’ names. He always asks the students how they are doing and is very friendly.

Even outside of his job he is constantly supporting Gilmour. A prime example of this is his perfect attendance at the Men’s Basketball games.