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Swimming Pushes Off


As the new pool’s opening date approaches, the Gilmour Academy Swim Team is ready to say goodbye to the Ursuline pool and hello to the new facility.

The swim team has gone through a lot of challenges throughout the past year dealing with no true home pool, but this did not stop them from the hard work that they put forth.

Returning most of their members from the 2009 swim team, both the Men’s and Women’s Team have high hopes for the 2010 team.

Carli Pappas (`10) says, “We work really well together. We always challenge each other which hopefully just helps our teammates get closer to achieving their goals.”

The hard work that the swim team puts into practice to help one another is one way to form a strong team.

The swim team is known for having a rigorous practice schedule. Morning practices start at 5:45 A.M. They also practice after school.  On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they practice at 6 P.M., while on Tuesday and Thursday they practice for an hour on “dry land.”

For many people practicing twice a day is crazy, but for the swim team it is what makes them superior swimmers.

The swim team looks forward to begin their competitive season. Coach Adam Katz says, “While we are a team that is driven by mostly sophomores and juniors, we have a number of seniors that will set fantastic models for the underclassman. They will set good examples in terms of not only performance in meets but practices as well. They will show the kids how to do things the right way.”

The swim team has six seniors who are very prepared to step up and become leaders for their team. Alec Janda (`10), James Alex Keene (`10), Shelby Gerl (`10), Carli Pappas (`10), Monica Neff (`10), and Allison Murray (`10) are ready to encourage their team to succeed.

Gerl (`10) says, “Our team is really excited to get started.” The swim team is also thrilled for new firsts, such as the pool opening up, while the rest of the school is eager to see the 2010 swim season unfold.