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Long Awaited Senior Privileges


Underclassmen wait anxiously to finally be upperclassmen. The thrill of being the oldest class in the building and getting the closest seats at Convocation give younger students something to look forward to. Being a senior brings on new responsibilities, as well as new privileges.

As the weather begins to cool, seniors wonder when privileges will come into effect. Mr. Tiesl, Dean of Student Life and Discipline, says, “Senior privileges are awarded to the seniors when Mrs. Kenny and I feel a sense within the class that shows that they are able to take care of each other, that they are able to be role models and lead the school, and that they are constantly working to do the right thing.”

Senior privileges do not have an assigned start and finish date. Keeping in mind that the seniors have to earn these privileges, it is up to the seniors and the senior class representatives to propose privileges for consideration.

Seniors of previous years have issued traditional requests such as sweatshirt Fridays, the ability to wear colored socks or tights with patterns, and different colored button down shirts.

The Class of 2010 wants to break away from this trend. The Class of 2010 has very high expectations for their senior privileges. Although crazy privileges are often not approved, seniors want their voices heard. Some ideas from the Class of 2010 include relaxed days where seniors can wear college or GA t- shirts, tennis shoes, shorts, and no ties for boys. The boys also would like to wear earrings. Many girls are satisfied with the traditional requests.

Other privileges the Class of 2010 would like to put into effect are seniors really being the first ones out of Convocation, leaving campus during any free block, eating outside the Commons, and leaving campus for lunch.

The Class of 2010 is hopeful and realistic. They definitely want to receive privileges soon. Leo Sideras (`10) says, “I’m excited for our privileges to start. Everyone is waiting for whenever we can get them, but we are definitely ready.” Waiting for privileges is difficult for seniors but very worthwhile once received. Seniors must work hard and show they deserve these privileges. Requests will be coming soon.