Kairos’ New Home


Generation after generation, Kairos alums have to the future retreatants to “always live the 4th.”  This year, the actual retreat is three days rather than four.  According to Ms. Jules Principe and Mr. Kevin Berry, instructors of religion and co-directors of Kairos, the fourth day is still keeping with the spirit of Kairos.  The fourth day is about living out what you have learned and experienced on the retreat.

Among the new changes to Kairos, the retreatants spend their nights in one of two cabins, male of female, while participating faculty return home nightly.  Mr. Berry stays with the boys and Ms. Principe remains with the girls.  Other changes include a new location.  Kairos used to take place at the Jesuit retreat house is Parma.  Starting this year Kairos will be at the Cedar Hills Retreat Center in Painesville.  Also, food that was once provided by the Jesuit Retreat House is now being provided by AVI.

Student leaders are excited about the new location which is a camp site.  Annie Venzor (’10), former leader of Kairos 21, says, “At first we were all really upset that Kairos was moving.  But I think it was really cool.  It looked beautiful.”

Ms. Principe says, “The new location is in fact gorgeous and conducive to the function of the retreat.  It is clean and there are many amenities we are really excited about.”

Smaller space presents a challenge, but Mr. Berry is optimistic.  he explains, “Though there is less sleeping space than the Jesuit Retreat House, the cabin setup is conducive for building community.”

The previous retreat house, because of its size, could accommodate bigger groups.  This year some juniors will have to participate in the retreat as seniors.

Ms. Principes messages to future Kairos retreatants is not to be worried or upset about the changes.  She says, “All the nooks and crannies that made Kairos special are still there.”

Kairos 21 students included Katelyn Ferrara (’10), Jake Hurley (’10), Olivia Sabik (’10), Nick Pilla (’10), Steve Pryatel (’10), Lindsay Reesing (’10), Annie Venzor (’10), and Matt Warren (’10).