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Brother Returns in Good Health

Brother Robert takes a photo with the Lance staff on one of his first days back. “It sure is great to be back,” Brother Robert says.

When students see Brother Robert Kelley approach the micro-phone during Convocation, they perk up in their seats and anticipate another comical announcement. However for the past several weeks, Convocation has been less humorous due to Brother Robert’s absence.

In late September, Brother Robert was admitted to the intensive care unit of Hilcrest Hospital for two bacterial infections of unknown etiology. Father John Blazek says the infections were unrelated and their causes were unknown.

After three weeks of intense critical care, he has recovered.

During the week of October 19th, Brother Robert was then transferred to Regina Health Center for physical therapy in order to walk around campus unaided.

“Convocation and the rest of the school day have been less enjoyable without Brother Robert’s friendly face. He’s always full of life,” says Morgan Shepard (`10).

Though Brother Robert Kelley is known for his side-splitting announcements, he has also been a vital member of the community since 1980. He proctors study halls and plays an important role in the Pastoral Life Committee, which oversees spiritual programs on campus. “It is an unseen committee, yet a very important one,” says Father John.

Brother Robert is also one of the founders of the Service Committe. He. returned to The Academy on November 16th. “His spirits are great,” says Father John.

Since Brother Robert’s return, the school has been filled with his love for the community. The loving feeling is returned. “We’ve really missed him,” says Andrew Duval (`09) on behalf of the student body.