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Police,Parents, and School Oh My!


Every kid has a life outside of the walls of this institution, and every kid makes mistakes. But, one of the main controversies these days is whether or not school administration should get involved in incidents that happen outside of school.

Some say school administration is there to make sure that students behave in school, and parents are there to deal with any issues outside of school.

Others argue that the student is representing the school at all times, even when they are not on campus and that administration should step in.

When a student gets in trouble outside of the school, they are giving the school a bad reputation and it is up to the administration to decide whether or not they should get involved.

One thing that gives this controversy a twist is the Residence Program.

The resident students don’t get the luxury of just having to deal with their parents; they are always under the supervision of the school’s administrators.

Greg Pittman (`10) a resident student says, “It’s tough living in the dorms. When you are out with friends and they are doing what most high school kids do, many times you are peer pressured into making poor decisions.”

Pittman (`10) adds, “It is part of growing up though; you have to learn to deal with the consequences of your actions. We just happen to get the short end of the stick with having to deal with both our parents and the school.”

This is a very controversial issue, and many times turns into a judgment call by the school.

If the administrators feel it is necessary for them to get involved in an issue outside of school, then that is a decision that should be made case by case.

Mr.Tiho Teisl, Dean of Students, says, “It is generally based on whether or not the school name is brought into the issue.”

It seems that the school would rather let the parents of students deal with misbehavior outside of school. The school is not trying to step on anyone’s toes, however, the Gilmour name comes with an expectation of how to act.

Gilmour’s repuation is important to uphold and student’s behavior represents their peers and their school at all times.

If the student is represent- ing the school poorly and the school’s name is brought up, then many times the administrators have no choice but to step in and deal with the situation.

But, if the school’s name is not brought into the picture, then the school should remain neutral in the situation and let the parents of the student deal with the issue.