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Lancer Spirit Looms Large On and Off Campus


by Chelsea Myles ’11 and Lindsay Powelson ’10

Many enjoy going to a football game and seeing fans cheering for the team while wearing their blue and gray.

School spirit unites the student body by boosting enthusiasm and exciting the teams. It makes fans want to support their teams by coming to the games, and gives the team the confidence they need to win! It is undoubtedly an important part of a school.

Last year, school spirit seems to have waned due to the construction of the new athletic center forcing many sporting events to take place off campus. Home games took place at Ursuline College, and many students were not overly excited to attend.

This year, students are taking their school spirit to the next level. The gym is due to be completed in November, allowing basketball fans to cheer on campus.

Rickey Layton (’10) says, “The new gym will help bring fans by providing more seats. The new fan section is located right behind the basketball hoops making a more exciting atmosphere, and the concession stand is close to the court so people can eat their food while watching the game.”

The new gym is also very exciting for athletes.  There is competition building in regards to being the first team to play in the new gym, and to be the first person to make a basket.

In addition to having Panzica Construction complete the new gym, Spirit Club and the Tailgating Club are also working hard to promote school spirit. Before the game, fans can enjoy hotdogs and hamburgers with the Tailgating Club, then go over to the bleachers for face painting by the Spirit Club.

The Tailgating Club plays lots of games such as Corn Hole and football, and is sure to entertain fans while the teams warm up.

Morgan Shepard (’10) says that she enjoys tailgating before games because “it gives me something to do before the game, and it’s exciting to have a group of kids who are all there for the same reason-eating food and getting pumped for the game.”

Tailgating also adds to the pregame emotions that are sometimes lacking due to an inability to have night games. Gates Mills is a bird sanctuary. No stadium lights are allowed. So tailgating is a great way to get pumped up and support the teams.

The Cheerleaders boost spirit by posting signs around the school that encourage fans to attend games. They also treat football players to candy or homemade goods before each game.

To show Lancer spirit, wear blue and gray. Get involved. Join a few clubs.