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Excitement begins…

From left to right, Eddie Asher ('10), Danny Armagno ('10), Lexi antunez ('10) and Brian Anton ('10) show their excitement for the new school year.

Welcome back students and faculty to the 2009-2010 school year!  After returning from a summer of fun, it is now time to begin another successful year at Gilmour.

Many students have begun to show interest and look forward to this year.  Amongst the freshman class, students are excited for their first year in high school and for the new adventures and opportunities ahead of them.  also, many are eager to make new friends.

According to the sophomores, many are looking forward to competing their tenth-grade year and becoming upperclassmen with more advantages.  Sophomores are also eager to turn 16 and drive to school with their friends.

The junior class is eager for the new school year.  Dwayne Hong (’11), the Class President, mentions that the junior are ready for development and a new exciting year.  The class is showing a lot of school spirit and has created a motto that states, “Let’s not only be the biggest class, but the best.”

The seniors are looking forward to going to college and completing their last year of high school.  Although some are sad to be leaving Gilmour, others are eager for the opportunity to explore and accomplish new endeavors outside high school.

In order to start the year on a god foot, students are encouraged to use all the resources available to them.  The transition from one grade to the next may be a challenge.  However, the Writing Center, the Math Lab and the teachers themselves are all resources hat can help students succeed at the Academy.

Guidance counselors and advisors are also available to help students organize and transition to the school climate.  Students learn time management skills, how to prepare for classes and the good habits needed for them to focus and complete homework assignments on time.

This year there have been new and exciting opportunities for the students to embrace.  With the construction of the new athletic center and the establishment of the new clubs and organizations, students are now able to take advantage of the many opportunities.

Gilmour has provided new technology and software for the students this year.  Ms. White is the Director of Instructional Technology.  She says, “We’ve got lots of new software to make it possible to do multimedia video projects.”

Some of the new software includes Audacity which s used for CD multi-tracks, and Picasa which is used for photo management.

Also, Gilmour has taken the next step by creating new lunches.  The students can now enjoy new varieties of food including Buffalo Pizza, Pasta Bar, Corn beef on Rye, Barbeque Pizza Chicken and Three Cheese Grilled Cheese.  Although there were additions to the lunch menu, many food choices were removed such as Breakfast for Lunch, according to Mr.  Mel Welty, the Production Manager.

Students are always encouraged to make the most of the new advancements within the school.  By participating and taking advantage of the new opportunities, students can build school spirit and morale withing the community.