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The economy’s continuing decline has made people either worried or desperate. Earlier this month on a Sunday afternoon in the Gilmour parking lot, Travis Martin’s (`09) car window was smashed in. A desperate burglar took Martin’s wallet and removed ten dollars along with his driver’s license. Not only is the back window alone worth more than the loot of this robbery, but Martin had to go through the inconvenience and aggravation of replacing his license at the DMV. Having to replace the window added insult to injury. Martin’s whole family shared the cost burden.

Petty thefts seem to have become more common nationwide as the economy continues to weaken. Some people may feel their financial struggles are too much to bare, so they turn to the easy money of petty theft. Stolen goods can be turned into profits almost immediately at a pawn shop or on eBay.

Petty thefts seem to have become more common nationwide as the economy continues to weaken.

So what is Gilmour Academy doing to keep the cars safe in the campus parking lots? Should full-time security guards be hired? Should surveillance cameras be installed? Right now, the lots are considered safe because staff members frequently move through the lots on foot or in golf carts. But should the Academy invest in crime prevention?

For the time being, the Lance Staff has put together a list of steps to take to insure the safety of your vehicle. Follow these guidelines and stay safe.

1. Lock up your personal belongings. Make sure you don’t leave your purse or wallet laying down in the front or back seat. Keep valued items out of view so potential robbers will be discouraged.

2. Use your trunk to lock up valuables. If you don’t need to take your prized possessions with you, then lock them in the trunk. They will at least be out of sight and in a somewhat secure location.

3. Hide your iPod cords. After you stick your iPod in your trunk, your center console, or in your glove compartment, be sure to hide the cords as well. The robber might otherwise see the cords and break into your car to see where you have hidden other items.

 4. Have a sound alarm on your car.