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Senior Send-off

During the final days of their senior year, students are enjoying the time they have left even with all the work they’ve been given. photo courtesy of Mr. Neal Busch.

by Chelsea Snyder `09 and Kristen Profeta `09

Approaching the End

At the start of their last year at Gilmour Academy, most seniors often say they can’t wait to graduate. However, as the year flies by and suddenly the days left can be reduced to a two digit number written on various white boards across the school, thoughts about leaving start to become a little more mixed.

Almost every senior agrees that it’s shocking how fast high school goes by, especially senior year. DJ Debick (`09) says, “It’s so weird to think that I’ll be done with high school.” Most seniors feel the same way about graduating: excited to be done with high school, but sad and nervous about losing touch with friends. A solution to worries about losing touch for many is spending extra time together in the summer. Senior Kelsey Rodgers (`09) comments, “This summer I’m going to spend as much time as I can with my friends because it’s going to be hard to be away from them for so long. I definitely don’t want to lose touch.” Another way a lot of seniors mentioned as a key to stay in touch is Facebook. Alex DiLillo (`09) notes, “Facebook is a good way to communicate with friends and I’m going to use it to stay in touch throughout college.”

Facebook is a good way to communicate with friends and I’m going to use it to stay in touch throughout college. Alex DiLillo (`09)

Being a Freshman Again

Next year, the Class of ‘09 is going to make the transition into college and become freshmen all over again. Peter Kepich (`09) describes, “I’m not nervous to be a freshman again because for one, I don’t get nervous. Also, being a freshman in high school and in college are two totally different things.” Although being a freshmen again is a huge worry for some, the roommate situation makes a few even more nervous. However, each senior has a whole new adventure in store with all the different schools being attended; not one senior will have the same experience.

Worries such as losing touch with friends, preparing for college, and transitioning into a much larger school used to seem so far away but are now just around the corner. Like many other seniors, Brittany Shirk (`09), who will be attending Arizona State University next year, is both worried and excited for the upcoming college experience. Shirk (`09) comments,”I’m a little scared for next year because I’m not going to know anybody, but I’m also excited to branch out and meet tons of new people.”

As time continues to fly by and graduation day nears, the Class of `09 continues to make memories for both themselves and the school as their four year high school journey is coming to a quick close.

Here’s what some of the juniors have to say about their fellow senior classmates:

– Brendan McHugh (`10): “I’m really sad that the seniors are leaving. It’s going to be so lonely in the student center the last month of school when all the seniors are gone. On the plus side, freshmen will move to the sophomore section in convocation, sophomores will move to the junior seats, and we move into the senior section.”

– Morgan Shepard (`10): “When the seniors leave, I’m going to be really upset because some of my best friends are seniors. I can’t really imagine not being able to talk and laugh with them throughout the day. Next year is going to be so weird. I can’t picture myself being a senior yet.”

– Bailey Clark (`10): “I’m looking forward to being the oldest on campus when the seniors leave, but I will miss playing with them in the student center.”

– Katrina Caraboolad (`10): “When the seniors leave, it’s going to be pretty quiet and lonely because the Class of ’09 is such an entertaining group of people in general. We’ve always followed their example and have never experienced school without them, so it’s going to take a while to adjust to the change.”