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Senior Projects in Full Swing


As the seniors are enjoying their last week at the Academy and their days at the Upper School are almost over, they’re still doing work. Senior projects are now in full swing and will be in the works on May 4th through the 14th. Students will shadow their mentor and also work for a minimum of 40 hours. Each senior will have a different job, and many are excited for the experience.

Senior projects require seniors to apply in the workplace what they have learned at Gilmour. This is also a requirement to graduate. The idea is for students to develop projects that emerge from their interests and insights and then apply their ideas using self-designed learning plans. Along with the physical work of the projects, students are then asked to prepare a paper and final exhibition (15-20 minutes) elaborating in depth about their experience and essential question(s). These exhibitions will take place during the week of May 15.

The senior project process started as early as February when seniors were asked to come up with ideas for proposals and think of possible work they would be interested in pursuing in May. The actual final proposal was due on March 5th, and the authorization forms were to be handed in on April 2nd to Brother Ken, the head of the senior projects.

Many seniors are eager to share their project plans. Here are a few:

Nick Bergert: Skills Required to Becoming a Commercial Airline Pilot

John Coyne: The PGA Championship: Managing a Golf Event

Claire Hawkins: Funeral Homes: The Work to Support a Grieving Family

Peter Kepich: The Evolution of Beer Making and Microbreweries

Natalie King: Sign Language and Occupational Therapy

Megan McConnell: Fitting Firearms Ballistics into Investigations

Cody Osburn: How to Become a Professional Pitching Coach/Athlete

Kelsey Rodgers: Improving the Community through TV Broadcasting

Peter Schmidt-Sane: Brain Surgeon: In Complications, “Caring” vs. “Focus”

Jared Unger: Mixed Martial Arts: Philosophy and Self-Defense

All senior project proposals and essential questions are posted outside the student center. All students are encouraged to attend these presentations. Brother Ken will post a schedule of all of the exhibition times. Good luck to all seniors. Enjoy the time that is left!!