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Respect Your Elders. Students need to park in designated areas


The inconvenience of parking in the ice rink has gotten worse. It used
to be a short walk right into the Science Building, now the walk for upperclassmen
is about five minutes to their locker. Since there has been more and
more sophomores driving, the parking spots are numbered for those pulling in
late. A solution may be coming in earlier, but for those who are not morning
people that may be nearly impossible.

Parking at the ice rink has been another burden on the seniors this
year. In the past, the ice rink has been the sophomore parking lot but with the
construction, it is now the upperclassmen parking lot. What many people do
not know, and what few follow is that it is mandatory for sophomores to park
behind the ice rink.

When asking juniors and seniors how they feel about the parking
issue, many upperclassmen quickly shared their discontent. Upperclassmen
do not like the fact that sophomores are taking their assigned parking
spots by parking in front of the ice rink. Sophomores are expected to
park in their designated area behind the ice rink. Since some sophomores
are parking in the wrong spots, the upperclassman usually end up parking
behind the ice rink themselves. Sophomores may argue that they
shouldn’t have to park so far away, but the fact is when the upperclassman
were once sophomores, they also had to follow the rules and park in their designated parking spots.

When we were sophomores we had no choice but to park the farthest away, so they should not abuse the privileges of upperclassmen.”

Since it is only natural for the freshmen to look up to
the sophomores, don’t you think that this year’s freshmen may be tempted
to park in the upperclassmen parking lot next year?

Mr. Teisl, the dean of student life, has had talks with the sophomores
repeatedly. He seemed to be very surprised when he heard sophomores
were parking in front of the Ice Rink. He comments, “If you see that sophomores
are parking in front of the Ice Rink, I should be notified and their
parking privileges could be rescinded”

Many seniors feel that this year has been difficult because many
changes have taken place. “Seniors could at least have a place to park
when we get to school,” Kelsey Rodgers (`09) says. A good number of
students pull into school at about 7:55. People say that they should just
come earlier to get a spot but with the small number of upperclassmen, there
should be enough room for everyone if the sophomores are parking where
they are supposed to.

In order to resolve this problem, should the administration assign
spots? The answer has yet to be determined. Hopefully when the gym is
complete, there will be enough parking spaces for everyone without conflicts.