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Prom 2009: One To Remember?


As the school year is coming to an end, there is one more main event
that students look forward to: prom. Traditionally, Gilmour Academy has
dinner at Mayfield Country Club, the dance at the Tudor House, and after-
prom at Fun N’ Stuff. As the class sizes are growing in numbers, there have
been numerous concerns expressed. Is the Tudor House large enough for
all the juniors and seniors? This year, Mrs. Kenny told the senior class the
Women’s Club was considering changing the location to the ice arena. The
senior class, however, expressed interest in keeping the prom at the Tudor
House. After a brief meeting with the senior class officers, Mrs. Kenny honored their request.

They really wanted to have the traditional prom because there have been many other changes this year.

Although sophomores are permitted to attend if asked by upperclassmen,
freshmen are asked not to attend the dance. Most underclassmen
understand that prom has always been a dance mainly for juniors and

It seems like it would be fun, and definitely something to look forward to. As a sophomore it’s not really a concern of
mine. If I went now, it probably wouldn’t be as much fun when I’m an upperclassman.

Many students are excited about the dance. Chelsea Snyder (`09) states,
“It will probably be more fun than last year’s prom because we are all seniors now.”

For students, it is one of the last major gatherings of the school
year. Everyone is looking forward to having a good time with each other
with the time they have left.