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Oral Hygiene Club- All Smiles All the Time

Lt. Michelle Romeo teaches a first-grade students proper brushing techniques during National Children's Dental Health Month at Graham A. Barden Elementary School in Havelock N.C., Feb. 12, 2015. Romeo is a dentist with Naval Health Clinic Cherry Point, N.C., and a native of Charleston, W. Va.

There are many new clubs this year, one being the Oral Hygiene Club.
The Oral Hygiene Club was started by Cameron Severson (`08) and Brett Anton (`08) at the beginning of last year.
The club was continued on this year by Andrew Phillips (`09) and Brian Sharnsky (`09) who serve respectively as
President and Vice President. Along with Phillips (`09) and Sharnsky (`09), recent
additions include Andrew Duval (`09) & on-and-off again member, Tim Vala
(`09). Brian Sharnksy (`09) comments,

With the Oral Hygiene Club, we strive for pearly whites and amazingly fresh breath. As of right now we are a fairly
small club, but we are open to possible additions. Oral Hygiene does involve commitment though, a commitment that some may not be able to handle.”

Students may wonder what the purpose of a club like this is and what
activities and commitments come along with oral hygiene. After convocation
and lunch each and every school day throughout the year, the Oral Hygiene
Club hurries to brush their teeth in the bathroom, use mouth wash and also
use pre-brush whitening. They store their supplies (which include Crest Vivid
White toothpaste, Listerine mouthwash and floss) in the Oral Hygiene locker located in the student center. The boys are
deeply committed to the club and don’t go a day without brushing and washing.

Andrew Duval (`09), a rather new member to the club, says that oral hygiene is extremely important to me. It’s something that a lot of people don’t properly address. Many people, including myself at times, don’t do enough to take care of their pearly whites.he is a first year student at Gilmour and was not present last year to be
in the club, he had to undergo an extensive trial period in which his commitment to the group was tested. This included him brushing daily
with the other members of the club, as well as bringing in supplies for the club to use while brushing. Du-val (`09) explains, “You must be fully committed to maintaining your hygiene. We follow the motto of Crest Dental Hygiene Products to have healthy, beautiful smiles for life.”

So as the club begins to spread throughout the Gilmour com-munity, remember that all students are
welcome to join. Sharnsky (`09) says, “As long as new members honor the
commitment and carry out the duties of our club, we would be happy to have
them.” If no new members are added in the remaining weeks of the school year,
the Oral Hygiene Club could sadly end with the departure of this year’s senior class, the Class of 2009. So if “pearly
whites and amazingly fresh breath” sound good to you, please feel free to
join this group and work on your own beautiful smile. Help yourself by helping one of the newest clubs at Gilmour
survive past the 2008-`09 school year.