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With over $300 in ticket sales, Live Jive rocked in Gilmour’s F.A.B. on April 24 from 7 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. Fifteen acts included Beth Beam (`09) reading her poetry, Gyu Tak Lee (`10) beat boxing, Casey Weinfurtner (`11) playing guitar and singing original songs, and the Curran sisters tap dancing. Chris Kearney (`09) organized this event. He states, “I was excited to host Live Jive! It was a great show, full of great artistic acts!” Mr. Overman and Ms. Lowry volunteered as moderators.

Live Jive is a creative event put on by members of the Gilmour community. Many acts take place during Live Jive. Acts that have been performed have been those of the musical, poetic, comedic, artistic and dramatic types, no one is left disappointed. Brandon Adamany (`09) attended Live Jive last year and comments, “Live Jive was awesome! There was a unique mixture of acts and they were all equally entertaining. It was great!”

Live Jive is a creative event put on by members of the Gilmour community.

Live Jive is the place where Gilmour members can express themselves to others through various art forms while the audinece enjoys and appreciates student talent. Intermission ensured comfort, and Matt Heyl (`12) ran the snack table.

Live Jive is an exciting tradition at Gilmour. Within the first two days of announcements, eight acts signed up with four students wanting to help the stage crew led by Peter Smith (`09).

Kearney (`09) put the whole show together in three days. He states, ”It was difficult at times, but in the end it did run smoothly. Being the host of Live Jive has been a great experience!”

As a new tradition, Live Jive has become an artistic outlet for the performers, and a stage for the fun of seeing students in action.