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Gilmour Seeks New Head Coach


As summer nears and spring sports get underway many people have their eyes turned away from football. Yet, as spring athletes toil away at their respective sports, hard work is being put into a key element of the fall season. The football team needs a new coach.

A search for a new coach entails a detailed search process. Making it even more difficult is the success the Lancers have had under Coach Spicer’s tenure. Posting playoff appearances in all but one year under Coach Spicer there will be large shoes to fill come August, when two-a-days start. Junior Evan Halverstadt thinks, “It will be a long process because we have been so good for so long.” While no names have been mentioned, there is no doubt the Lancers will be looking for a proven winner, or someone with the potential to continue the success Coach Spicer started at Gilmour.

Those who played under Spicer will also have to undergo arguably the biggest change, as they will be playing under a new coach for the first time in three years. Coaching styles vary, so the Lancers look forward to finding a coach as soon as possible, so they can get to know, and understand their new coach. Coach Spicer will be missed in the Gilmour community by many, especially those who played under him, he has left big shoes to fill and the hunt for the person who will fill those shoes, is on.