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Caroline Goulding: A Journey of Music


Many Gilmour students may have heard of Caroline Goulding (`09) as an amazing violinist, but what people may not know is her extended list of accomplishments. Goulding (`09) first picked up a violin at age three, when she was inspired by her brothers. Both of her brothers played instruments and she was fascinated by them. She was given the choice of playing either the piano or violin, and she chose the violin because she thought it looked like a guitar.

Since then, Goulding (`09) has collected numerous awards and recognitions. Goulding (`09) was awarded the coveted first prize of the Aspen Music Festival’s Concerto Competition. She has been on national television shows, including on NBC’s “Today,” National Public Radio’s “From the Top” and on Martha Stewart’s show, among others. She has been in many renowned orchestras, including the Cleveland Orchestra. She has attended many music schools, including the Julliard School, the Interlochen Center for the Arts,and the Ceilidh Trail School in Novia Scotia.

Today, she is extremely focused on her musical career. She has many plans for the future, including graduating with the class of 2009, one year early. Goulding (`09) comments, “Graduating early will make it easier for me to further my career in music. Not only is music the root for my career choice but it also makes up a vital part of who I am. Gilmour has been such a great school for me in every way and has been most accommodating in providing me an academic structure without forcing me to sacrifice my music.” After graduating, Goulding (`09) plans to release her debut album through a well-known classical music label, Telarc. She will also be touring and studying music. This fall, she is planning on attending the Cleveland Institute of Music Conservatory on a full scholarship through the Starling Scholarship Foundation. Goulding (`09) is very excited and grateful for this opportunity. This opportunity will help her achieve her goal of having a worldwide soloing/touring career. Soon, she is planning to make an international debut in Spain.

Graduating early will make it easier for me to further my career in music.

As an up and coming musician, Goulding (`09) must learn to balance her schoolwork and musical career. She practices about three hours a day, while keeping up with the heavy homework load from Gilmour Academy. She tries to make the best use of her time by working on homework whenever possible, while still having time for her love of music. This has been balanced in a variety of ways. Goulding (`09) does homework in the car, at her house, at school, wherever she can so that she is making the best possible use of her time.

Goulding (`09) will only be at Gilmour for a few more weeks, but the Gilmour community is glad to have been a part of Goulding’s life and career. Gilmour wishes Caroline the best as she continues on.