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Jazz Band’s Last 08’-09’ Concert


Tuesday, April 28th marked the last Jazz Band concert of the 08-
09 school. Held in the music room on the second level of the middle school,
this significant event was the seniors’ last concert here.

Flutist Parker Shiverick (`09) is the only senior to have been in Jazz
Band for four years. Shiverick (`09) says,

I like playing music because it’s fun, and I like how everyone who wants to play is included.

Shiverick (’09) joined because he wanted to play
an instrument throughout high school. In Jazz Band, Shiverick (`09) learned
how to count and play complicated rhythms. This is an essential skill for
students with long term interest in music. To play a song very well, knowing
rhythms is an absolute must. Jackson Sroub (`09) and Ryan Hollowel (`09)
have been in Jazz Band for three years. Sroub (`09) says, “I joined Jazz
Band because I wanted an opportunity to play with Matt Morek. This is my last
concert. I will miss funking up tunes with the rhythm section.” Sroub (`09)
also says that he will genuinely miss the Jazz Band because it taught him a
lot of what he knows.

For their last concert, the seniors chose to play Vehicle, which was
made popular by the Isaac Brothers. The seniors’ chose Vehicle because it is
their favorite song to play. “Vehicle is up tempo, pop sounding, and it’s familiar,”
says Mr. Kilkenney, Director of Music. Another hit the Jazz Band covered at
the concert was Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train. Students were surprised at this
heavy metal track choice, but serious musicians can appreciate the challenging
score. Mr. Kilkenney says,

“It’s familiar, energetic, and fun. What makes our version unique is the instrumentation.”

At the show, Marc Vitantonio (`11) used a metal effect on guitar for
Crazy Train. And Vehicle was fantastic.