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What’s On My IPod?


Recently, I celebrated my eighteenth birthday on March 29th, and with
my luck, there was a Katy Perry concert on that Saturday the 28th. I’ve been an
avid Katy Perry fan after meeting her at Warped Tour last summer and I have to
say, she’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet. Chelsea Snyder (`09) who was
also at the tour with me comments,

She was so down to earth, and I felt like I was talking to one of my friends rather
than some celebrity…she didn’t think she was better than anyone and she
talks to you like she’s known you forever.”

Now, I’ve met my fair share of music artists, and some have been nice while
others you want to stay away from, but after meeting Katy Perry, it’s hard not to
be a fan.

She’s been criticized for her hit single “I Kissed a Girl” because of
its “influential” lyrics to her young audience. Her parents didn’t approve of her
lyrics either being that they are traveling ministers along the California coast.
Growing up in Santa Barbara, California, with the birth name Katherine
Hudson, Perry went to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday
night. She couldn’t listen to any music other than the Sister Act II soundtrack,
and she put out a Gospel Album when she was 16. It is surprising to know that
Perry has been in the music business for so long and at age 24 she’s finally
made it big. After knowing there was already Kate Hudson in Hollywood, Perry
knew she should change her name, so by her mother’s suggestion, she took
her mother’s maiden name (Perry).

Her hit album, One of the Boys, has so far released four singles. She has
commented that her stage personality is inspired by that of Freddie Mercury, the
late singer of the hit band Queen. She comes out with a bang and has actually
been covering the song “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen on her tour. She tells
quirky stories that to her don’t make sense, but to a crowd they bring along
laughs and out of control cheering. I highly recommend attending one of her
shows next time she comes to Cleveland. I have to give her two thumbs up
for putting on one great concert.