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Rising Excitement for the Spring Musical


This spring, the Gilmour Academy cast for the spring musical will be
performing “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” There will
be many returning cast members from previous Gilmour productions, including
several seniors who will be taking part in their last Gilmour performance.

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Wayto the Forum” is a musical comedy and will
be performed by Gilmour students in the Fine Arts Building around the second week of May.

The exact date of the musical will be determined closer to
the time of the performance.

The story is about a slave in Roman times trying to gain his freedom through
a deal with his master. According to several members of the cast, it will be a
comical and entertaining performance to attend. Specifically, according to
Lexi Antunez (`10), “It is going to be very very very funny. Taylor Seay
(`10) will sing beautifully, everyone will be wearing togas, and the Fine
Arts Building gets lonely when no one visits it!”

The cast has frequent rehearsals to ensure that the final performance
will achieve its full potential. Natalie Pike (`11) states, “To prepare
for the musical, we have practices almost every day after school.” A lot of
time, hard work, and effort are put in by every member of the cast.
Anticipation for the performance is increasing, and all Gilmour students are
encouraged to come support their classmates who are members of the cast.