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Girls’ Basketball Makes GA History: `80s and Now


Back in the `80s, the girls’ basketball team won Districts. How-
ever, since then there has been a dry spell with no other team making
it past sectionals. This year everything changed. The Lady Lancers
not only won Sectionals and moved on to Districts, they also proceeded
to take home the District title. By defeating Berkshire at Districts, they
finally added another much sought after girls’ basketball trophy to the
Gilmour halls and trophy case.

Playing with the same group of girls for the past two years
has made an impact. The team has bonded, learned to play together
better, and has perfected plays. The added trip to Florida in the past two
years has helped bring the team together as it is a kick off to the season
in a big way. The journey to get to FL, the bonding done once there in hotel rooms, and the kinks that
get worked out on the hardwood have all proven to be beneficial to the team.
Kelsey Cesar (`09) comments,

“We only lost two games (including the Regional loss to Regina) after our trip to FL.
This encouraged us to work as hard as possible in practice and pull together as a
team to make it as far as we did in the tournament play.”

The girls’ team did exceptionally well with a record of 19 and 5 during the
season and should be commended for their efforts. They stand to lose four seniors
after this year, Jamie Austin (`09), Kelsey Cesar (`09), Martha Ligas (`09),
and Megan Schaefer (`09). The team will face challenges, but are hopeful that they
will be able to come together with the addition of incoming freshmen and have a
repeat of this year. So the GA community congratulates the `08-`09 team.