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Gilmour’s Expressions


A creative competition sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic recognized
Gilmour students as award winners. The contest, “eXpressions: Where
Research and Creativity Meet” involved creating a piece that bridged the gap
between artwork and science.

There were multiple categories involved, with victories across the board within Gilmour’s submissions.

Ms. Lowry introduced the Gilmour community to “eXpressions” with a promotional DVD.
Select students became motivated and took the initiative to enter the contest.

Many Gilmour students received awards. One student that stood
out in particular was Beth Beam (`09). Beam submitted multiple poems, and
all three won blue ribbons. One poem, “Collecting Echoes,” won “Best in
Show: Language.” Alyssa Trebilcock (`10) received a Red Ribbon for her
mixed media sculpture. Also submitting a sculpture was Abby Clark (`11),
who was recognized with an Honorable Mention. Two students submitted
photographs that won awards, including Samantha Klonaris (`10) (Blue Ribbon)
and Rachel Noall (`10) (Honorable Mention). Noall also submitted
a short story that won a Red Ribbon. Samantha Johnson (`09) and Paige
Kepich (`10) received Honorable Mention awards.