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Blue Lax is Back


With an 8-4 win over Cleveland Heights in their home opener, the boys
are excited to be back. This year, the Boys Lacrosse team will try to beat last
season’s 8-9 record.

Senior captains Will O’Brien (`09), Kyle Corrigan (`09), Mark McDonald (`09)
and Jack Wilber (`09) have all played GA lacrosse for four years, and
were all members of the State runner up team in 2006. With their combined
experience along with a mix of the new talent, the captains are hopeful to go far
into the playoffs. The sophomores and juniors have shown great promise too.
Leland Bent (`11), Austin Severson (`10) and Brian Anton (`10) want to make this
season their best. O’Brien (`09) comments,

I’m excited to see how the talent plays out this year.

Other players talk about how they want to go far in the
playoffs and they want to go further than they have in recent years.
When asked about winning this season, McDonald (`09) adds,

I’m hungry for wins.

The team along with coach Vinny Lang looks ahead to their biggest
games including an away game at University School against the Preppers on
April 29th. Other big games include a home game against the Hawken Hawks
on May 9th and an away game at Solon on May 19th.

The team is very young with lots of underclassmen under the leadership
of four seniors. The younger players look forward to this season as well as
seasons to come. They also talk about how they have to beat last year’s re-
cord. Severson (`10) comments, “We lost a lot of seniors last year. It’s going
to be hard to replace all those leaders, but I’m looking forward to this year and
the years ahead.”

With the new and returning players, the team is excited to see how the season
will play out. The boys hope to get a lot of support from their fellow classmates
and school. Going deep into the playoffs is their goal.