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Big Changes in `08-`09


Much has changed since `07-
`08. Everything is changing from the gym construction
to new babies to a growing number of middle school students.
As the class of `09 prepares for graduation,
here is a look back on the changes at GA this year:

This year is so much different. It’s truly making our senior year unique. We are creating our own legacy as landscape of Gilmour is changing.

1. Gym/Construction- The place where
the old gym used to be has gradually
become the shape of the new gym.
Through it all, students missed a pep rally dance,
home basketball and volleyball games and swim meets. These
are sacrifices made for a beautiful new facility.
2. Everyone is having a baby- Isn’t that how it seems? This year has been full
of congratulations as Mr. Kilkenney, Coach McNeil, Mrs. Daly, Mrs. Purse,
Mr. Lindley and Mrs. Morris have all had children or are about to! This year
was ‘The Gilmour Baby Boom.’
3. Office changes- Sister MaryAnn is in Doc. Lobue’s office, Mr. Tom Bryan’s
office is in the Science wing, and Science is now in the old Chemistry class
room. Everything’s different. Kelsey Cesar (`09) comments, “It was not an
easy having Doc in the Middle School, especially with planning Kairos stuff. It
was harder to find him.”
4. Middle School students- There seems to be more of them this year
as they walk through the halls to get to lunch. And C1 lunch seems especially
full. In the past few years, the middle schoolers haven’t been allowed to
walk through the science building hallways, but the construction doesn’t allow
them to take their usual route to convocation and lunch.
5. Seniors pick Wednesday lunches- A new senior privilege this year allows
seniors to pick lunches every Wednesday treating students to their favorites
like Stromboli and chicken tenders. This is a welcome addition to the lunch
menu and ensures that students enjoy great lunches every Wednesday.
Hopefully it will carry on for the 2010 class as well next year.