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Lance Advice: The Finale…


Dear Gilmour Underclassmen,
We have written you advice over the past few months that may have been useful. For this last issue, it would make the most sense to give the junior class
advice on picking colleges and becoming the leaders of the school, as well as advice to the sophomores on moving into the student center… and for the freshmen,
there aren’t any big changes for sophomore year other than getting in a new bundle of young froshies to “chill” with. So, please…read on and enjoy the final Lance
Advice of the 2008-2009 school year from us to you.

Juniors: you big `10 grads!
1. Don’t slack when it comes to filling out your college applications! If you do,
all the essays will pile up as well as available appointments with teachers in the
writing center. We understand it’s difficult because hey, you’re seniors.

2. As far as college recommendations go from teachers at the good old GA, find
the ones who really know you well. Don’t be afraid to go and talk to them about
it, so they get a better idea of your personality and can write an even better letter
to impress the schools of your choice.

3. Be open minded about schools! While you may have your sights set on a
certain school, there are plenty of others. The guidance department knows what
they’re talking about when it comes to finding a school that fits you.

4. Be nice to the underclassmen…sure, they stand in the middle of the halls telling never
ending stories and turn corners at record breaking speeds, but hey, we
were all there once. Plus, they really do look up to you, think about it. How many
freshmen friend request you on Facebook and you’ve never even heard of them?
But they know you…

5. Take advantage of your senior year. We’re sure it’s the one year that your
parents say you’ll remember forever, and it’s true. It’s surreal to think that it’s all
coming to an end, so bond as an entire class…leave behind the drama and pull
together to have an amazing senior year because you only get one chance at high school.

So wrap it up with a good year. GOOD LUCK to the class of 2010. It’s all yours now.

Sophomores: woo two down two to go!
1. Don’t come into the student center thinking you’re the “big cheese” because in
reality, the seniors would love to have it all to themselves.

2. Get your electives done if you haven’t already because once you’re a senior,
you’re going to want that free D-Block.

3. Don’t be too loud…it’s nice to have a place to study and the student center is
a privilege that you have to earn. We’ve all heard it from Mr. Teisl that he has no
problem taking away free periods…remember that.

4. Stay on your side of the student center because in reality, the junior side is bigger,
has more tables and lockers and it is more accommodating.

5. Don’t make a huge mess, because one group of kids will end up staying after
school for an hour cleaning so that the entire grade doesn’t get the student center
taken away.