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Where are the Seniors Going?


With the second semester underway, the year is coming to an end for the seniors at Gilmour Academy. Though it is a time for most seniors to anticipate college, there are still many that are undecided.

While walking through the administrative hallway, students may take a peak at the College Commitment pin-board across from Mrs. Morris’ office. When asked about their college decisions, the seniors answers as to why they’re attending their chosen colleges differed.

As the year is quickly coming to an end, many seniors are still waiting to hear back from colleges on March 15 for the regular decision deadline. Don’t worry seniors!! If you have yet to make your final decision or have you have no idea where you’re going to be attending in the fall, you still have time. This is your future you’re deciding!

Brittany Shirk (’09): Arizona State University

Reason: “Because it’s warm.”

Billy Urban (’09): saint Bonaventure

Reason: Recruited to play baseball

Erin Butler (’09): Providence College

Reason: Loves the schools and “really wants to be a friar!”

Travis Martin (’09”: The George Washington University

Reason: “It’s in Washington DC.”

John King (’09): Miami University

Reason: Their affluent business program and friendly atmosphere.

Also attending Chelsea Snyder, Natalie King, & Becca Bloom

Rachel Kirsch (’09): The Ohio State University

Reason: She wants to go to a big school with a lot of school spirit.

Also attending: Ally Hanes and Rachel Sebian

Emma Flesher (’09): University of Dayton

Reason: “It’s an awesome place!”

Austin Barnett (’09): Columbia Universtiy

Reason: He loves the school.

Preston Hoge (’09): Colgate University

Reason: Recruited to run track