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Upcoming Spring Concerts!

photo courtesy of www.image.examiner.com Katy Perry is currently headlining her first major tour after reaching sudden stardom and will be performing Saturday, March 28th at 7:00 p.m at The House of Blues.

Cleveland will be featuring many phenomenal concerts between now and Easter. So far Cleveland had featured popular artist like Lil Wayne, Flogging Molly, ACDC and more. During and after spring break, Cleveland will be featuring artists such as Less Than Jake, The Eagles, The Devil Wears Prada and more, Areas to find these concerts include The Grog Shop, The House of Blues, and Quicken Loans Arena. Jess Vorobel (’09) has been involved with school musicals and plays since 7th grade, She mostly looks forward G Love and Special Sauce. Vorobel (’09) comments, “I’m excited to go because last year I couldn’t go.” The Lance has put together this list of concerts to consider:

The Grog Shop

March 19: DJ Rehka 8 PM

March 22: Stereo Total 8 PM

March 25: Converge 7 PM

March 27: Ac Newman 8 PM

The House of Blues

March 15: Victor Wooten 7 PM

March 20: Less Than Jake 6 PM

March 23: Badfish – Tribute to Sublime 7 PM

March 25: George Thorogood 7 PM

March 27: BB King 8 PM

March 28: Kate Perry 7 PM

April 8: The Devil Wears Prada 6 PM

April 9: G Love & Special Sauce 7 PM

April 13: Chris Cornell 7 PM

Quicken Loans Arena

March 24, 2009: Eagles 8 PM

March 28, 2009: Moondog Coronation

Ball 7 PM

April 17: Fleetwood Mac 8 PM