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Laugh a Little, Live Longer

Megan and Carolyn Curran (`10 and `12) enlighten the chapel every Friday as they crack jokes and share fun facts, some of which are found on Snapple caps.

Every Friday, Megan (`10) and Carolyn (`12) Curran entertain and uplift the student body at convocation with one or two jokes. Their club however is no joking matter.

The “Little Giggle” club started when the two sisters sent Mr. Horgan anemail stating their purpose and reason for the approval for the new club. Megan explains they hope “to teach people to be themselves and be aware of all the interesting things in life that go unoticed.”

Their core belief is students and faculty should be excited and wanting to have a good day. Megan continues, “No one likes to be around someone who is unhappy, complaining, and unfriendly.” As the Curran sisters are activily recruiting new members, they are committed to helping everyone develop “close and awesome” relationships throughout the community.

Since Carolyn is a freshman and one of the club founders, she hopes to bring in many freshmen as they are new to the high school. Carolyn comments, “Since my sister and I are in different grades, we hope to bring in students from all grades into our club.” Megan agrees, “There are some people I have never met here. This club gives me an opportunity to meet new people. We are inclusive.”

Both girls were very happy with their first announcement, when over 75 percent of the student body wanted to join their club. “This made us overwhelmed and very excited,” Carolyn recalls.

One of the little jokes from their debut presentation was, “If swimming is so healthy for you, why are whales so fat?” Since then, they have made a joke box for the Student Center. All students are encouraged to submit their unique observations that may brighten someone’s day.

The sole purpose of this club is to help the Gilmour community in any troubled times ahead enjoy a fun fact and laugh with the community. The Curran sisters bravely walk up to the podium every Friday morning and announce the new funny fact or joke to help lift up the spirits of the students and faculty. Keep looking positive and be hopeful no matter what lies ahead.