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Lance Advice: Spring Break Fun


As we approach spring break, we feel it’s about time that you as the readers receive one of our wonderful lists that will be beneficial to you vacation…well if you’re actually leaving Ohio. Everyone knows the importance of sun protection, and as former instructor David Lucas once said, “Nearly everything you put on your skin has SPF 15 in it. Fear not my children.” So, here is how to enhance your spring break retreat…SPF included:

1.) If you’re going on a service trip and meeting your family during the second week, after you have served you designated community, get your parents to bring along some “nicer” clothes for you in your new destination (extra bags are $15, unless you’re a Continental OnePass member in which case it’s free).

2.) Wait to purchase your “goodies”(i.e. snacks, gossip magazines,shampoo,etc) until AFTER security. Those people are tough, and will not hesitate to throw away you Chanel Mascara that costs $30 and just happens to be be 3.5 oz instead of 3.0 oz. Personal experience? Yes.

3.) Try and get to your gate at least 30 minutes before boarding. In the even that you don’t know where your gate is, wandering aimlessly is not a good idea. Please ask for direction, or hoop on a trolley and ask for a lift.

4.) After arriving at you destination, try and get to baggage claim swiftly before every other person from your 747 flight arrives and either takes your bag rather than theirs, or block the whole carousel so you have to wait at minimum 30 minutes to even see your bag before it goes around again. Personal experience? Maybe.

5.) Okay, so even though “everything” has SPF in it, that’s really not enough. When in tropical places such as FL, the Caribbean, etc., sun products must be applied regularly. Once is not enough. Make sure you put it on every couple of hours. We suggest that you use higher SPFs like 70 for instance if you do not tan easily. SPF 30 will do while baking in the sun.

6.) make a playlist. Give it a creatine name like “My Summer Playlist”, “Spring Break ’09”, “Summer Sun!” or “Fun in the Sunnnnnn!” This will keep you occupied as you sun, and the songs can serve as a good timer for when to flip over.

7.) Get to know the area. It can be really beautiful to see if you take the time to leave the resort property. However be aware of “Stranger Danger.” Don’t let the worry keep you are always safe and in a group.

8.) Even though tan lines can be fun as they help show-off how tan you got, they aren’t very attractive. So girls, try the strapless tops. The sun takes  a lot put of you so don’t be afraid to take a nap while lying at the pool/on the beach, BUT do not take said nap with large, oversized sunglasses on! Personal Experience? You will look like a raccoon…

9.) Bringing a friend on vacation can always be fun. Don’t forget that everyone needs their own space so have time where you can walk on the beach, take a morning run, take a nap, or float around in the pool on a raft. Also, don’t forget that it was your family who brought you on this fabulous trip, and for seniors there are not many family vacations left, so spend some time with them as well.

10.) Plane Ticket: $450, Suntan Lotion: $15 at your local CVS, Having fun and being safe: Priceless

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