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Jim Calhoun v. Social Activist: Who’s Wrong?

photo courtesy of www.images.espn.com Jim Calhoun pictured above during a timeout with Robinson, a member of the UConn basketball team.

As the economy continues to slump, more and more industries are beginning to take measures to fight the possibility of losing more money. Even more concerning is that State governments are turning up budget deficits. This could have the same effect as businesses losing money, jobs cut, budgets cut, and less money to spend overall.Recently, UCONN head

Recently, UCONN head basketball coach Jim Calhoun came under fire by an activist at a press conference. The activist stated that because Connecticut faced a budget deficit and that Calhoun was the highest paid state employee. Would he consider lowering his salary? The activist barely got that far in his question as Calhoun cut him off saying, “Not a dime back. Not a dime back.”They proceeded to banter about

They proceeded to banter about the dollars and cents of the issue, with Calhoun ending the conversation by yelling at the activist that “the basketball program brings in two million dollars to this university, which is state run!” He repeated that statement and also repeatedly told the activist to “shut up.”

Now the question is, who was wrong? Was it Jim Calhoun for refusing to acknowledge or discuss the issue with the activist? Or was it the activist for butting in on a basketball press conference with personal questions?

The answer is simple: they were both wrong. Calhoun was wrong for berating the activist, and the activist was wrong in picking the medium for the question. Had it been a press conference concerning university issues and the budget with regards to the state, then maybe the activist would have been justified. Calhoun, although he had a right to be angry, dealt with the activist in an overly aggressive way. His demeanor throughout the press conference was smug and attacking towards the activist. The activist at one point even called out the sports reporters in the room saying, “If you guys covered this I wouldn’t have to.”

All in all, it shows that as budgets get smaller in business and in government, more issues will come to the forefront and spark opinionated answers from different public figures. Tension gets high when salaries and personal business is brought up during a situation where it is not expected.

It’s clear that in this time of economic turmoil, more and more people are being put in situations they would rather not be in. Whether it is financially or otherwise, people are facing troubled times, and it is how they deal with it that will be remembered.