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Gilmour Athletic Complex Growing By the Day

The picture above is a computer generated photograph of what the athletic center. Upper photo courtesy of Tatiana Tate, Holzheimer, Bolek, & Meehan Architetcs. Pender lobby will look like upon completion.

As daydreaming students stare out classroom building windows, their view is obstructed by the ever-growing athletic complex. As the seasons pass, the hole in the ground where the old Lancer gymnasium stood has been filled with concrete, crane-placed metal beams, and floor-to-ceiling windows. With the suave curved exterior and the sleek design inside and out, Lancer athletes are excited for the future gymnasium.

The complex will feature a sunken stadium for the basketball and volleyball courts, an NCAA regulated size pool as well as a normal sized pool, new locker rooms, the Pender lobby with another Lancer café, and a new weight room. While these are only a few of the new additions to come, graduating senior athletes are unlucky to miss the opportunity to play in the new recreation center. Evan Richard (`09) comments,

“It’s bittersweet, especially since I scored the last game points ever in the old gym…but it’s good for Gilmour that the new one is being built…I just wish I could play in it.”

The legacy of the old Lancer gymnasium will be missed by many with its 60 years of wins and losses, including a boys varsity basketball win over University School during the 2007-08 school year. Kelsey Cesar (`09) comments, “Even though a new gym is needed for Capture2Gilmour, the old gym had a certain flare to it. Not many athletes get to play in a 60 year-old gym… it was like playing in a blast from the past every day during basketball season.” Along with the new playing environment, some new faces are sure to come as Gilmour plans to rent out playing space to recreational teams as is done with the ice rinks. The added income will help with the costs of building a new gymnasium. With the recreation teamsCapture3 that will come to Gilmour, it is certain that the new facilities will draw many more incoming student-athletes. The coming years will be a rebuilding process for many athletic teams, and with new facilities, Gilmour coaches are confident that more kids will be drawn in to the program here on campus. Gilmour Academy is not a school that is based solely on sports however. The beautiful new complex will come with a Holy Cross education as well as a family-like environment.

Though the athletic center has a long way to go until completion, students are counting down the days until they can start practicing there. This is not only due to enthusiasm for the new center, but also due to the complicated practice schedule in the field house. All spring sports are sharing the field house, and the teams find themselves vying for space. Practices start right after school and run until 10 p.m. Emma Flesher (`09) comments,

“Some teams were given the challenge of having a really late practice. I know Girls’ Lacrosse runs during the last time slot until after 10 at night sometimes which is hard because there is no way to start early as another team is still finishing up their practice.”

With the completion in sight for Fall 2009, it will be a joyous occasion when the new facility opens for practices and games. Many Gilmour alumni are expected to visit, especially the class of 2008 being that they donated class money for the Lancer logo at half court. In fact, many in the Gilmour community have donated to improve the Gilmour campus.