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GA Women’s Lacrosse Back For The Spring

As the Lancer Women’s Lacrosse team faces changes in the coaching staff, they return this year with Sammy Johnson `09, Caitlin Finelli (`09) and Kathleen O’Brien (`11). All three were key contributors to the 2008 team.

The Women’s Lacrosse team has come a long way since they first formed in 2006. As they progress each year, the expectations rise. Their potential is high, and playoffs are expected for the `09 season.

This year, the many seniors will guide the team. “I feel like we will have a good season because we have ten plus seniors to lead the team,” Sammy Johnson (`09) comments. Most of the seniors have been together since their freshman year. The team chemistry is at its highest, and this will be very beneficial during the upcoming season.

The girls’ former head coach left last season to get her nursing degree. Johnson (`09) comments, “ We are all really sad that Coach Maggie won’t be with us, but I think that Coach Rhino will have no problem taking over.” Coach Maggie’s positive influence on the team helped the players to improve tremendously. “She was the bomb!” Johnson (`09) adds. Elizabeth Connolly (`09) agrees.

• Connolly (`09) reflects, “When Maureen Kenny scored a goal and Coach jumped up and down saying sicky-sicky-nar-nar, we all just died of laughter.Also, we loved Ali’s gourmet dinners.”

• Claire Hawkins (`09) remembers, “Tripper (Coach Maggie’s dog) kept jumping on Coach when she was doing push ups.”

• Erin Butler (`09) shares, “A memory I will never forget is the Indian Runs and X drills for hours at a time.”

In reflection of all the positive memories, the girls look forward to working with Coach Rhino and welcome her leadership. Hawkins (`09) comments, “Our new head coach is really into conditioning so we are going to be in really good shape.” The girls are also happy to be working with the same assistant coach this season. They feel that by having their assistant coach again, they will work just as hard.

The girls have very high expectations for their upcoming season. The team’s record has increased every year. Connolly (`09) comments, “There has not been a season where we haven’t beaten our record. We will be very disappointed if we do not achieve the goal of a better record this season.” They want to work hard while having fun. Defeating their winning record of last year should be a challenge, but anything is possible.