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Creativity at its Finest


Gilmour Academy encourages students to think outside the box and think imaginatively. Students throughout the school keep their own journals or notepads full of their own ideas. Some students make up short stories and poems. All creative work can be considered for publication in the school’s literary magazine, TILT.

McAllister Castalez (’09) is a Creative Writing student. She comments, “I love words. I love stories. Writing allows me to express myself, to get my ideas across.” This class can help students hone their skills and “perfect” their work. However, one does not need to take their work. However m one does not need to take a particular class to be considered for TILT. All creative students are encouraged to submit their work.

Mrs. Schaefer is the new adviser to the literary magazine. This is one of the places for students to submit and publish their unique and creative ideas, which can include poetry, short stories, essays about art, and photographs, Mrs. Schaefer ever proposed the idea of having writing contests. She is also trying to come up with themes students can follow. Beth Beam (’09) is the editor of this year’s literary magazine. She states, “I encourage all Gilmour students, creative writers and critical thinkers alike, to participate in the production of the upcoming issue of TILT.”

To submit to TILT, students can e-mail Mrs. Schaefer at gorbettc@gilmour.org They can hand copies of their work to any TILT member. Or students can turn the work into the box in the Writing Center. The deadline is March 31st.

Mrs. Schaefer states, “We’re really excited to read anything that students are willing to submit. We encourage them to step outside their comfort zone and share their creativity with the community!” Not only is TILT going to be spread throughout the Gilmour Community, the plan is to share the magazine at local book stores for public readers, free of cost.

TILT was formerly know as White Space. Mrs. Tait explains the name change of 2006. “We wanted to renew the student literary magazine. The magazine is called TILT because when lancers ride their horses, they tilt the lancers.”

For the 2007-2008 TILT, Jeong Hoon Kim (’90) wrote an essay about this struggle in faith, called “God on the Earth.” Kim says, “All I am saying is that God can work down on the earth as well as up in the air.”

Also, from the 2007-2008 TILT, Kaitlin Gill (’09) wrote a poem called “Rooftop World.” Gill says, I wrote the poem because my rooftop is my favorite place to reflect.”

The works of Kim and Gill are great examples of literary creativity at Gilmour. Writing is a talent that should not be hidden. Submit to TILT Magazine!

Kaitlin Gill (`09)
Rooftop World

Lying on a bed of shingles next to the chimney,

The quiet darkness of night gives a feeling of ease.

As if all nature is still except the cast shadows,

dancing on the concrete under aged oaks and streetlights.

Tired eyes gaze at the constellations above,

simply to get lost in the stars’ mystique.

All adversities set aside in a tranquil fantasy,

Hectic, boiling realities forgotten–

this rooftop world, a serene escape.

Originally published in TILT 2007-2008