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Coach Spicer Retires


The Lancers’ football coach Mr.Bob Spicer retired recently. Mr. Spicer worked for Gilmour Academy for seven years. Out of those seven years, the Lancers’ advanced six times to the division five state playoffs. Under Mr. Spicer’s coaching, the Lancers were undefeated two seasons.

I never got to know Mr. Spicer personally, but I’ve heard many great things about him. From what I’ve seen on the field during the past four years, I think he is a great football coach. Mr. Spicer says, “My favorite part of Gilmour is being around the players and students because they’re wonderfully cooperative. The entire atmosphere is great. I’ll leave with great feelings of wonderful upbeat faculty and students.”

Mr. Spicer has left a mark on the Gilmour Lancers’ football history. In the past seven years, the Lancers have had a remarkable record of 63 wins and 17 losses under Mr. Spicer. Gilmour enjoyed a great run of outstanding players under Mr. Spicer’s regime. Over the years, several Lancers made all-state. Many went on to play college football, some in division I. He will surely be missed, and the Gilmour community wishes him the best of luck in the future.