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Celebrity Drama Affects Gilmour


Recently, a few celebs and athletes have gotten into some trouble and have caused drama and controversy surrounding them. Gilmour Students have some strong opinions about the events that happened and how they feel about it.

Fourteen time gold modal swimmer Michael Phelps stirred up some drama when a picture of the Olympic Champion smoking a marijuana pipe was found in Britain and soon found it’s way to America and in the hands of the media.

The photograph showed Phelps smoking a bong in November when he visited the University of South Carolina. Phelps’ consequence included suspension from  the USA swimming for three months, and Kellogg Co. would not renew their endorsement deal with him. Phelps commented later that his judgement was bad and that he would learn from his mistake.

Though Phelps may be sorry, his decision to break the law still stirs up a lot of controversy among Gilmour students. Kirsten Ella (’11) states, “He (Phelps) is an Olympic Champion. He deserves a little latitude, but he should definitely be punished for his actions. Although he is a role model for many people, nobody is perfect. It shouldn’t be looked over, but it isn’t a huge deal. He was punished fairly.” Other Gilmour students agree with this, saying that he should get punished, but everyone makes mistakes, even Olympic champions.

The weekend of the Grammy’s should have been an enjoyable weekend for all. With pre-parties and after-parties, and of course the big night where tons of Grammy’s would have been awarded, it was going to be a Celebrity Drama Affects Gilmour by Kathleen O’Brien `11 night to remember. However, for one R&B couple, that weekend will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

On February 7th, the night before the Grammy’s, singer Chris Brown and girlfriend Rihanna headed to Clive Davis’s annual gala for a pre-
Grammy party. The couple arrived and seemed loving and happy. But according to People Magazine, the couple was mingling around when Brown suddenly became anxious and annoyed. He soon grabbed Rihan-
na’s hand and left. What happened next is unclear and there have been many different stories according to Brown and his rep, but according to People Magazine and entertainment.com Brown drove off in his Lamborghini hitting speeds of 120 mph on the freeway while they were arguing. Then, Brown pulled off the road into a neighborhood. The couple was arguing apparently about a text message that Brown received from another woman. Already annoyed about the argument, Rihanna (real name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty) threw Brown’s car keys out the window. Brown got out to look for them and when he couldn’t find them, he returned to the car and apparently assaulted Rihanna. He then fled from the scene, leaving the “Disturbia” hit maker in the car with a bloody nose among other injuries.

Brown then turned himself into the police 17 hours later. He was put in jail and then released on bail. The case is being investigated. He is charged with one felony count of making criminal threats, but he could be charged with more after further investigation. Brown did apologize deeply for what he did. He stated about a week after the crime, “Words cannot begin to express how sorry and saddened I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God’s help, to emerging a better person.” Although he apologizes, Gilmour students have some strong opinions. “I lost all respect for him. When I heard that he did that, I couldn’t believe it.” states Tori Gallo (`11). Taylor Vala (`11) agrees. “I used to love him (Chris Brown). He was such a cutie. Now I don’t know what I think about him.” Gilmour students also comment on how Chris Brown could have been a role model to some. Andrea Massaad (`11) comments, “I love his music and listen to it a lot. He did not set a very good example for his fans if he truly is a role model.”

Students have strong opinions and beliefs about what happened with this R&B couple and the Olympic Gold medalist. Although there has been a lot of controversial drama surrounding these situations, some students hope to move on from what happened. Students also hope that Phelps and Brown can have better judgment in the future, and that celebs and athletes can continue to stay out of trouble.